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Our energy enters the room before we do and is silently interacting with others around us, and most often, we are not aware of this. We become conscious when there is a certain intensity in the room. Haven’t we sometimes known someone is happy or unhappy with us without any apparent cues from them? Or you walked into a room and were able to pick up the moods of the people gathered around, either as happy or stagnant and heavy? That’s our energy reading the energetic thought-forms of those situations.

On a quantum level, energy is the animated force of our cells. On a molecular level, it powers our DNA. Energy also surrounds us and is found everywhere.

Earth itself is energy—just look at the trees, plants, rivers, and mountains. From distant galaxies that implode into black holes to star systems formed through nuclear fusion to the spaces in between known as dark matter—all is energy. Even in the air, we breathe there are light energy particles.

Energy is constantly flowing around us and within us. It just needs space to flow freely. Imagine you are entering a cluttered room. The chances are your energies will immediately feel weighed down or stagnant. And this makes sense because the vital life force is not able to move freely in that clutter. Remove the chaos, and that flow is established. That’s also why we often feel energies shifting from feeling heavy to lightness when we do away with everything we no longer need.

Energy, ‘chi,’ ‘ki,’ or ‘prana’ are all terms that mean the same thing. They refer to the life force and vitality that flows in us all. Some even call this ‘divine life force energy because it is that same intelligence that heals our wounds without our effort, that tells seeds to grow into trees, that creates all of life! It’s always there and it’s everywhere. When a practitioner places their hands on or near someone that person is given an opportunity to respond to this information.

We can’t see this part of ourselves, but it makes up our whole being together with body and mind. Going beyond our physicality, this is “who we are beyond our skin.”

Our energy flows where chi or our thoughts flow.

Many people view Reiki as a hands-on energetic modality to bring about physical healing. Still, Reiki’s energy healing practices promote intense relaxation, reduce stress, and promote natural healing of the mind, body, and soul.

Any energy healing practice becomes that real when there is a personal story of healing draped around it. For many years I have been making artisan soaps and candles. As a sole owner, mixing luxury oils and kinds of butter and adding aromatic essential oils was therapy in motion.

But with some emotional baggage, I was unable to discard, and the long hours took a toll on my health. I began to experience chronic shoulder pain due to cervical spondylitis. Having visited several doctors, I did get some respite from pain, but the symptoms would keep coming back.

I realized the patterns of this pain were related to my state of being. My repetitive rumination on past events and the constant mental chatter accompanied by regrets and frustration made me sicker. In this phase, I experienced something I call ‘a turmoil of transformation’.

Taking responsibility for my thoughts and feelings was critical to my well-being, and a few years back, I found a teacher and received my Reiki attunement.   

The blessings of Reiki have been endless. Reiki has given me tools to balance our energetic centers called ‘chakras,’ daily meditative practices, and self-healing.

Our Chakras are energy centers that hold stuck energy that leads to ailments – physical or emotional.

When you focus on balancing your energy and releasing old blocks, you begin living from the inside out rather than from the outside. Chakra work, an integral part of a reiki session, is a journey of finding inner peace that begins with the desire to go within our inner realms and see the shadows that stop us from being our highest expression.

Reiki has allowed me to see my thoughts, feelings, and actions in new profound ways. It gives me a visual reference and a visual map of the next steps in my energy healing journey.

Practicing healing modalities like Reiki is a glorious rabbit hole because the knowledge gained is only through ‘practicing the practice,’ and that never ends. We keep shifting into higher expressions of self, and the goal of any spiritual practice is to rise above our daily struggles of attachment and suffering and find that true self.  We become better practitioners’ practicing our approach’ like chess or gardening or music or poetry or quantum physics; these consciousness tools are something to be explored.

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