About Me

Energy Healer

Hey, I am Padma! Thanks for dropping by. I am an energy healer with Reiki as my primary focus of healing and I am certified in the traditional lineage of Reiki Ryoho. My other energy healing certifications include EFT/TFT, Crystal Reiki and Chakra Balancing.  Energy is designed to flow and just needs space to do it. Within us this flows through energy centers known as energy meridians or chakras. These energy meridians carry life force energy, also known as qi, chi or prana to various areas within our body.

Chakras are found vertically across our spine and play an important role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Our life experiences in the form of emotions and memories are stored in these chakras.

Sometimes this vital life force energy is unable to flow easily and gets stuck leading to blockages.

During our session, we shall be working with the flow of your energy through your chakras.

There is no single reason why energy becomes blocked. We tend to accumulate energetic baggage based on life experiences.

Some of the deepest blockages are those that we have carried for a lifetime in the form of grief, low self-esteem, a memory, a limiting belief, heartbreak, abandonment, or bullying which are some common causes of blockages in our energetic systems.

Therefore, if you are experiencing a physical or emotional imbalance, it is quite possible that all that is needed is to rebalance the vibrational flow of your chakras.

If you are sensitive to energy, it is possible that you will be able to sense a shift in energy that begins the moment we connect.

Every healing practice is a self-healing journey, and it begins when you take responsibility. That is why regular reiki sessions are helpful.

To further your healing journey, you will be supported with some intuitive tools such as guided meditations to help center you, some insightful journaling prompts so you will be able to bring awareness to the things you uncover about yourself, ancestral/inner child healing, astrology, oracle/tarot cards, and the use of crystals and crystal grids to energize and remove stubborn blocks from your energetic field.

For this reason, while for some, Reiki could be a simple healing modality and to some who practice it on a regular basis it may mean a path of self-discovery.

Staying committed to the practice of healing is essential for overall balance and learning with my spiritual teachers helps me in my journey. 

A quote by Kahlil Gibran reminds me of our interconnectedness to each other, to the universe, and it goes like this – “The trees were budding, the birds were singing – the grass was wet – the whole earth was shining. And suddenly I was the trees and the flowers and the birds and the grass – and there was no I at all.”

So if what I said resonates with you, I invite you to send me an email at hello@earthlotusreiki.com or go to the “My offerings” page and book a session with me.

Have a good day!