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About Me

"The trees were budding, the birds were singing - the grass was wet - the whole earth was shining. And suddenly I was the trees and the flowers and the birds and the grass - and there was no I at all." - Kahlil Gibran

Hey, I am Padma! Thanks for dropping by. I am an energy healer with Reiki as my primary focus of healing, and I am certified in the traditional Japanese lineage of Reiki Ryoho and as a Chakra Healing Practitioner.

I am also certified in Karuna Reiki and Crystal Reiki and am a member of the International Reiki Association.

My spiritual toolkit also includes using oracle/tarot readings, western evolutionary astrology, and EFT/TFT.

One of my earliest understandings of Reiki as an energy healing practice was through my grandmother who practiced Reiki most of her life and lived for 90 years. She has been my constant guide and inspiration on my journey with Reiki as my self-transformational tool.

After learning Pranic Healing, another Japanese energy healing technique in my early twenties, I found Reiki a decade later and have been practicing this gentle healing therapy since then. Evenutally I received my attunement and got initiated as a Reiki Master/teacher in the Reiki Ryoho lineage. My fascination with this healing technique kept growing, and I received certifications in other Reiki lineages such as Karuna Reiki and Crystal Reiki.

Throughout this healing journey, I was supported by great teachers who taught me how to use other intuitive tools such as Astrology, Tarot, Oracle and some timeless yogic practices in identifying with the sacred feminine energy and learning to harmonize the ‘Shakti’, the feminine power that lies in us with the divine masculine energy that shows up as our logical assertive and practical decision-making capacity.

Reiki works with divine life force energy available to all of us to harness. Reiki also teaches us about the ‘Chakras’ or discs that run vertically through our spine that carry this life-force energy to various energy centers in our body. Their alignment supports our overall well-being. 

Let’s talk about the energy that flows within our body. Many yogic texts and breathing practices believe that we have life-force energy known as ‘prana’, ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ flowing through energy centers in our body called ‘Nadis’. 

The literal meaning of the word ‘Nadi’ is a river. Nadis carry life force energy from one energy center to the other and per the Chakra system we have seven major chakras or discs running vertically through our spine. Reiki practitioners work with clients to sense where energy might be stuck and help align the centers so these energy blocks can be removed. There is no one reason why our energy gets blocked, and we tend to accumulate this energy baggage based on life experiences. Some of the deepest blockages are those we have carried for a lifetime in the form of grief, low self-esteem, a memory, a limiting belief, heartbreak, abandonment, or bullying which are some common causes of blockages in our energetic systems.

I feel grateful for the knowledge I have gained and feel honored to share my learnings with you. If my thoughts resonate with yours, please head over to ‘My Offerings’ page.

My courses include Chakra alignment and Reiki Level -1 foundational course.

These are designed to support your healing journey, with intuitive tools such as guided meditations to help center you, some insightful journaling prompts so you will be able to bring awareness to the things you uncover about yourself, ancestral/inner child healing, astrology, oracle/tarot cards, and the use of crystals and crystal grids to energize and remove stubborn blocks from your energetic field.

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